Day care for adults with
learning disabilities

Day care for adults with learning disabilities at Charter House, Burnley. We provide a safe environment for people to develop their interests, meet others and form friendships, try new experiences and join in with structured and meaningful activities. All the activites are tailored to the individual with the support and care of a dedicated team of professionals.

What activities do you provide?

We organise a wide range of activities for our day care users, our most popular being Baking. We make some delicious treats for everyone to take home. Some fabulous creations our made in our arts and crafts area, some are taken home and some are chosen to display in the centre, we love to have a vast array of beautiful projects displayed on the walls and hanging from the ceilings. We also have computers where our service users can explore technology including games consoles. Numeracy and literacy is always included in our activities and we are always adapting our sessions to suit the needs of the individuals and ensure they remain stimulating and engaging.

What facilities are there?

Our disabilty day care centre is fully equipped to provide all daily care needs:

  • A purpose built bathroom accessible for all needs, with all the equipment for assisted bathing.

  • Computers and Xbox 360 Kinect
  • Pool table
  • Arts and crafts materials and equipment
  • Fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals as well as servicing the baking projects
  • Accessible weighing scales
  • Wall mounted television
  • Multi – sensory room with separate access
  • Experienced staff to cater for all needs