What are Social Services contact sessions?

Social Services contact sessions are there for children that have been separated from their family or key person in their lives. At Charter House we provide a safe neutral space that is supervised where family members can meet and spend time with each other.

We can facilitate private contact sessions for families and children under social services care.

What makes our space different is that we provide a relaxed safe, homely space with cooking facilities, games and access to the sensory room. This makes us especially suited to families with special needs children.

What happens during a contact session?

During a contact session there will be always be someone supervising the visit, they will always be within sight of the child.
All our facilties are available to use and the choice of how the time is used is up to the family. We are here to help make this time as enjoyable and relaxed as possible for everyone.

The supervisor will make notes during the session so that each session can be reviewed with the social worker. This helps everyone to evaluate how a session has gone, to plan and improve the sessions as we move forward. All notes taken are confidential unless it is in the interest of the child’s welfare for the information to be shared.

Time can be made available before or after a session to discuss any issues or concerns and to talk through how the sessions are progressing.

Why are contact sessions necessary?

Social Services contact sessions are usually needed when social services have concerns over the welfare of a child, where there are any indications that the child maybe at risk.

How do I arrange a contact session at Charter House?

If you need help arranging contact with a child we can help.  We can advise you and take you through the full process of applying for regular contact sessions.