Weighing Scale Service

Standing on a weighing scale can be a problem for physically disabled or older people. Disability scales are of great assistance to patients and care staff. Here at Charter House Burnley we have a fully accessible weighing service.

Why is weight important?

People with a learning or physical disability are more likely to have problems with their weight. (NHS)

People may be underweight as a result of their disability which means they have difficulties with eating or swallowing, for example.

Others may be overweight because they have a condition that increases their risk of obesity.

If you’re concerned about someone’s weight

If you’re concerned about the weight of the person you care for, try to help them understand the health risks of being either underweight or overweight.

A conversation that includes the person with learning disabilities, carers and support workers is a good way to begin making lifestyle changes.

Their GP can also check for any medical issues that may be causing weight changes. Some medicines can affect your weight, for example.

Source: NHS

The NHS guide to disability and weight