Multi sensory room

Our Multi sensory room in Burnley Lancashire is designed and equipped to suit the needs of both young people and adults who have physical disabilities, learning disabilities or sensory impairments as well as those with dementia. The Sensory Room is ideal for relaxation and de-esculation for people with autism, behavioural difficulties or any other special needs where the person can become overwhelmed and in need of a safe calm environment.

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What are the benefits of a Multi sensory room?

As well as having a calming effect, our sensory room also offers stimulation, interactivity and adventure. The room is designed to give control to the user and interact with their surroundings. This enables them to develop skills such as understanding cause and effect and colour recognition. Our LCD Touch screen has ten different programmes to choose from. It can be used as a learning tool, improving hand-eye co-ordination, tracking skills as well as shape, colour and number recognition. Creating a calming mood enables users to more effectively engage with other activities and those around them.

Sensory Rooms are one of the newest methods of therapy for memory care. It can help to relieve stress and pain as well as producing feelings
of well-being. Time in a sensory room can improve a persons ability to focus and consequently improve concentration, memory and communication.


Improved outcomes

Creating a calming mood enables users to more effectively engage with other activities and those around them accelerating development and re-enforcing positive outcomes.

How is our sensory room used?

The design of our sensory room in Burnley Lancashire has expanded to support all users, including those with visual difficulties, language difficulties, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, and anyone who needs a safe, quiet room.

Each user is introduced to the sensory room based upon their individual needs.

Individuals with strong visual responses are encouraged to interact with our array of lights and visual effect equipment where as others will focus on movement and physical interactions.

A sensory room can be used to meet multiple objectives, depending on each persons needs.

Users would usually spend one hour with a carer. The Charter House staff soon get to know the needs of the individual and can tailor the room experience. Some of our users love to relax in a subdued environment whilst others love the full disco experience!

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Sensory Room in Burnley, Lancashire

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What equipment do we have in the multi sensory room?


  • Cause and effect lighting area

Interaction is a key element of sensory room. A cause and effect facility helps users learn and become more inquisitive.


  • Water Bed

Waterbeds provide a particularly comfortable and stimulating place to sit or lie. Users can take in the sensory environment around them.


  • Bubble Tube

Bubble tubes provide multi-sensory feedback and visual stimulation.
The colour changing aspects are also useful for promoting colour recognition and visual perception.


  • Infinity Tunnel

A fantastic visual effect which will stimulate a users imagination and provide relaxing calm coloured lights.


  • H track hoist for ball pool and water bed

Enables anyone with mobility issues to access the ball pool and water bed.


  • Led touch panel

A bright interactive light panel to stimulate visual and sensory experience.


  • Ball pool with under lighting and slide

The attractive and vibrant colours combined with the soothing texture of the balls provide full-body tactile experience and encourage sensory stimulation such as touch, movement and position.


  • The Den

Fitted with a sound wall speaker for vibro-acoustic stimulation and starlight carpet for subtle visual stimulation.


  • Audio sensory vibration bed

The soothing vibration is great for stimulating tactile awareness and for relieving stress.


  • Chair swing

Users can experience relaxing movement sensation whilst enjoying the rooms lighting effects.


  • Fully air conditioned
  • Wall projector
  • Fibre optic ceiling panels
  • Optical effect roof panels
  • State of the art entertainment system for audible and visual experiences


Cause & effect area

Water bed

Bubble tube

Infinity tunnel

H Track hoist

Led touch panel

Ball pool with slide

The Den!

Audio sensory vibration bed

Chair swing

Air conditioned

Wall projector

How did we design our sensory room?

Although much of the equipment we have in our sensory room in Burnley Lancashire is provided by speciality suppliers. The overall design and construction have been developed and built by the team at Charter House Burnley. The combined practical experience of the team has resulted in a sensory room built for real users in a practical environment. Years of experience and knowledge have gone in to making this one of a our most proud achievements.

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